Remedy for Landscape

transdisciplinary workshop / FA ČVUT, ČZU in Prague, MENDELU in Brno, FDULS /

9. – 13. 5.

Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň

Workshop of university students sets as its objective animating the vicinity of University Hospital in Pilsen's quarters Bory and Lochotín and making it cosier. The half-public space of this hospital is exactly one of the central topics of Landscape Festival Pilsen 2017. It thus responds to the need to discuss all landscape types, including the hospital one. It is conceived as a five-day-workshop of all three schools in Czech Republic that offer landscape architecture studies with participation of Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art from University of Bohemia.

The workshop aims at analyzing specific sites of hospital area in Lochotín and Bory, picking out problematic points and potentiality. Based on these the participants will respond immediately in the terrain by small intervention or installation. However, the objective is to revitalize hospital area on a general level, offer distraction to its visitors and invite to contemplate about what these sites could look like in future.

• ZF MENDELU in Brno/ doc. Dana Wilhelmová
• ČZU in Prague/ doc. Aleš Hnízdil
• FA ČVUT/ Ing. Vladimír Sitta
• FDU Ladislava Sutnara in Pilsen/ Prof. Jiří Beránek

• the space in front of the hospital including a roundabout
• atriums of Lochotín hospital
• former heliport in Lochotín

Furniture for Embankment!

workshop with City Upgrade architects

29. – 31. 5.

Náplavka k světu.

Within Náplavka k světu festival, a workshop will take place, focusing on producing new furniture for the new sites of this popular summer festival. In just a few days there should thus appear new staircase, swings, hill benches or a pier for anchoring boats. This activity fits perfectly the urbanistic conception of Pilsen rivers within the city center, which is being successfully developed by organizers of the festival for several years.

Workshop will be led by experienced architects from City Upgrade Architects.

Green Roofs

workshop in collaboration with Pěstuj prostor

12. – 13. 6.


In mid June an experimental laboratory will arise in the courtyard of DEPO, presenting realisations of intensive and extensive green roofs and vertical facade presentations. As part of realising this instalation, a workshop will take place, offering practical demonstrations to those interested in green roof building.

Workshop is organised in collaboration with Pěstuj prostor Association as part of its project Pěstírna DEPO.



Workcamp Pěstuj Prostor 2017

16. – 30. 7.


During former four years of this workcamp, international volunteers have helped with renovation of the City outdoor swimming pool and with enhancing Radbuza riverbanks. Together with local helpers, this year they will focus on a part of neglected and inaccessible park around Papírna. The park will be ceremonially opened on July 29 with public attendance.

Pěstírna DEPO



Community gaden run by Pěstuj prostor Association in the courtyard of DEPO 2015 allows growing fresh herbs and vegetables nearly in the city center of Pilsen and offers space for relaxing as well as meeting interersting people. Thematic lectures and workshops are organised in the garden.