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Opening of the Landscape Festival Prague 2014 / 17.6. 2014

Lesní zvěř
Swamp Safari sound system

The end of the festival / 9.9.2014

Garage & Tony Ducháček
Už jsme doma
Tea Jay Ivo


Sektor pro hosty / Franz Kafkabaret / 29th July and 31st July


(beginning of the lectures at 7 p.m.)


Industriální stopy na Praze 3
Benjamin Fragner,
director/ Výzkumné centrum průmyslového dědictví ČVUT
Zdeněk Lukeš,
historian of architecture
Tomáš Mikeska,
 member of Výbor pro územní rozvoj/ MČ Praha 3
Lukáš Beran,
Výzkumné centrum průmyslového dědictví ČVUT
moderuje: Josef Vomáčka

Vladimir 518, Refew a DJ Mike Trafi k
Golden Cat , Acid Lobster, MagNet


Public space of city district of Prague 3 regarding the big Prague

Ondřej Rut – deputy mayor of Prague 3
Jan Šépka – IPR Prague
Aleš Steiner – studio a05

Series of lectures within the exhibition Eunic Landscape Architecture

Six foreign architectural studios that are dealing with landscape architecture will be presented during the three lecture evenings. Lectures, presented in English, will begin at 7 p.m., the evening will be concluded with a panel discussion. 

Markus Gnuechtel, Michael Triebswetter  – GTL Landschaftsarchitekten, Germany
Scenography – Landscape – Sustainability
The sustainable approach is playing an increasingly greater role in design and execution of the environment.


Presentation of the book Contemporary works of art in landscape
Radoslava Schmelzová, Dagmar Šubrtová, Radek Mikuláš


lecture within the exhibition Eunic Landscape Architecture

Herwig Spiegl – AllesWirdGut, Austria
Landscape and architecture in the work of AllesWirdGut
AllesWirdGut, architecture and landscape, landscape transformation, interdisciplinary cooperation. Architecture is not an end in itself; what counts is usability.
Herwig Spiegl, born in 1973 in Innsbruck. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, McGill University in Montreal and at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Herwig Spiegl is one of the four founders and partners of the architectural studio AllesWirdGut (since 1999), based in Vienna.

Sixten Rahlff – 3RW Arkitekter, Norway
As a professional leader at 3RW architects Sixten Rahlff is involved in a wide range of office portfolio and may in this context refer to a broad experience in architecture and plan oriented projects. Ability and willingness to innovate are key starting points for his work which have contributed to him receiving several international awards.
Sixten Rahlff is currently working with larger urban development and design tasks.
Throughout his career he has gained a significant international network and he is responsible for implementing the master course at the Bergen School of Architecture relating to issues around architecture and globalization.
He has served as Rector at Bergen school of architecture and are today professor at  the school.

Cultivated Landscape
3RW landscape project for the National tourist route comments on the continuous change of the norwegian landscape, always modifyed, altered and improved by cultural ambitions to improve local conditions and chances of survival. The current change from societies based on agriculture and fisheries, providing food, towards the service minded global hosts, providing adventure, constitutes the contemporary context at an increasing number of coastal communities. For a period of time, the two paradigm will probably both be quite real and coexist in the many soon-to-be-abandoned communities. The ambitions of projects interacting with this transformation should be to design in a way that connects these two images, not necessarily as conflicting ones, but as a continuous expression of “the cultivating Man” through program, form and tactility. 


lecture within the exhibition Eunic Landscape Architecture

Filip Lagiewka – OMGEVING, Belgium
Dealing with Public Spaces within Historically Defined Urban Context
OMGEVING (surroundings in Flemish) is an independent, multi-disciplinary group of landscape architects, engineers, urban planners, architects, and experts in environmental planning based in Antwerp, Belgium. From a small office of three it evolved over the years into a large enterprise with more than 50 experts, working both for the public sector and the private sector.
The designs of OMGEVING are consistently trying to explore the overlap of different scales in space, investigating the possibilities for a dialogue between them on cultural, social and environmental levels. Therefore, every project is always perceived as an opportunity to conduct this research, each time bringing not just a singular design but a complete and cohesive strategy for the given context.

Robin Winogrond – Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur, Švýcarsko
In the Realm of the Senses / Urban Space and Imagination
The Dynamics of Desire: Movement and Urban Space
Robin Winogrond is a member of the City Building Committee of Lucerne. Her office located in Zurich, she has taught at various schools of Architecture and Landscape and participates in juries both in Switzerland and abroad. The design process of the office reflects the interdisciplinary education of Robin Winogrond, and with it the intention of understanding the complex phenomena of our built environment in various scales and from various perspectives.

Rikke Juul Gram – Schonherr, Denmark
Blue and Green Cities
Studio Schonherr is one of the leading Danish landscape studios, dealing with with the planning and design of open spaces, have rich experience in solving problems within urban and landscape architecture at all levels.


And what next? And when?
Debate with members of the memorandum and other experts on the future use of the location of the Žižkov freight railway station / Ministry of Culture of CR, Sekyra Group, M.č. Prague 3, city of Prauge, IPR Prague, National Heritage Institute/.
Hosted by Adam Gebrian.


The closing concert of the project within Days of Žizkov Heritage
Už jsme doma
Tony Ducháček+ Garage
Tea Jay Ivo

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