wining projects

Location 1: VZHŮRU K NEBESŮM Deana Kolenčíková

Location 2: NEZASTIHNUTELNÝ Alice Frydrychová, Petra Kunovská, Marek Vrabec, Tereza Žižková

Location 3: No project was submitted.

Location 4: No project was submitted.

Location 5: No project was selected.

Location 6: No project was selected.

Location 7: PUMPTRACK ŽIŽKOV Jiří Ullwer, Sabina Loudová

Location 8: KARLÍNSKÝ TUNEL + TACHOVSKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ Anastasia Grigoryeva, Alžběta Čiperová + Markéta Musilová

Location 9: HEJNO Lenka Dřevjaná

Location 10: PRŮNIK DŽUNGLÍ Trevisan atelier +

Location 11: ŠPALKY Šárka Roučová

Location 12: LŮNO Eliška Bělochová, Viera Moravčíková, Jitka Benešová, Ján Gajdoš

Location 13: SHARED SPACE – SDÍLENÝ PROSTOR Trevisan atelier +


The Landscape Festival focusing on landscape, city, and public space announces an open call for projects that can temporarily revive specific Prague locations within the forthcoming 6th year of this event. The festival will present Prague in new environmental contexts, the main themes of the call are reuse and redefinition of importance of specific locations in Prague 3 and Prague 8.

The open call is for all creative people and subjects working within the field of the themes: public space revival, urbanism, architecture, landscaping, art and design in public space and landscape, environmental art, etc. The application can also be a collective work of several authors.

We are interested in short-term interventions, thematic and performative representations of the given location, minor completions of urban structure, site specific installations, temporary architecture and more permanent landscaping interventions, humanization of the given locations, use of the historical Vítkov as a symbolic Prague location, which we pay great attention to in this year’s festival.


1. foot of the Vítkov hill at the Florenc side
2. end of the Kollárova street / illusion of the access to the Vítkov hill
3. gap opposite the Forum Karlín / illusion of the access to the Vítkov hill
4. access to the Vítkov hill from the Na Špitálsku street
5. gap behind the Ponec theatre
6. staircase in the backyard behind the viaduct
7. area around the entrance to the cycle path
8. Tachovské Square
9. natural amphitheatre at the descent of the Vítkov hil
10. bridge at the descent of the Vítkov hill to Žižkov
11. Lukášova street / street furniture
12. entry to the tunnel
13. Basel (Basijeské) Square


The application must include the following mandatory parts:


annotation of the project (max. 1 page A4)

real expected budget of the intervention – max. 50 000 CZK incl. design and realisation

visualization or sketch of the project

a list of used materials and used technologies


Deadline for application of the projects:
April 15, 2018

Announcement of the selected projects:
April 20, 2018

Deadline of the realisation:
June 15, 2018

September 30, 2018


Jakub Hepp
+ 420 739 454 190

The organizers of the open call and the festival are the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague and the Architectura association.