organised by k světu.

26. 5. – 30. 6.

Roudná and Na Poříčí street

Location: left bank of the Mže river from the Roosevelt Bridge to the footbridge and to Roudná

Riversides are used as a place for relaxation in many European cities, so why not in Pilsen? There is a river here, there is a place, let us restore it and transform it into a bursting relaxation zone. We have started this, a civil association called “k světu”. We perceive the riversides as a unique place suitable for both relax and dynamic free time activities. Our goal is to make the unused public space more attractive in summer and to stir up life in the centre of Pilsen. Cities and settlements were founded at the rivers since the beginnings, and it is natural to use all the spaces around them. The riverside represents a kind of "a return to the roots" to the world.

This year of the festival, which celebrates the phenomenon of rivers in the city centre, moves downstream not only to its location but also its name. The fifth anniversary year, Náplavka k světu. 0.2.will float towards the left bank of the Mže river between the Roosevelt Bridge and the red footbridge. The change of environment and the planned revitalization of the original site of the festival on the Anglické nábřeží is a proof of the efforts of this popular summer festival organizers to seize the concept of Pilsen rivers in the city centre and to study their usability. "In order to attract our fans to the new location as in the previous years, it is important to have a quality program, although it is not a matter of our priority in our effort to raise awareness of Pilsen riversides. This year we decided to focus more on sporting use of this part of the landscape and to provide service to parents who will visit the riverside with their children ... However, repeatedly there will be dancing events or concerts as well, "says the festival coordinator.

The Náplavka k světu. 0.2 festival starts on Friday May 26, when it will present the Brewstock festival - a handicraft mini-brewery festival with unambiguously high-quality participation not only of Czech but also of foreign stars in the field. At the riverside there will also be a performance in the framework of the Tanec Praha dance festival and the Mobiliář na náplavku workshop within the Landscape Festival Pilsen 2017.


organized by the Proměny Foundation, Pěstuj prostor, MO Plzeň 2 - Slovany, DEPO2015

27. 5.

Jirásek Square and Monastery Garden

Sightseeing walks, concerts and neighbouring dinners.

Guided tour of the Monastery Gardens.

• opening of an outside exhibition with the subtitle "Jirásek Square in memories."

The event is a part of accompanying activities for the public related to the forthcoming renovation of Jirásek Square and the Monastery Gardens in Pilsen.

Further information on:
» Nadace proměny
» Jiráskovo náměstí
» Pěstuj prostor


organized by Pěstuj prostor, NPKK, District of Plzeň 2 - Slovany, SZKT, National Heritage Institute

10. 6. – 11. 6.

Jirásek Square and Monastery Garden

A cultural and educational program for the public in the normally inaccessible Dominican Monastery Garden on the Jirásek Square. The aim of the event is to emphasize the upcoming reconstruction of the site. Another part of the event is the outside exhibition MEMORY II, mapping the history of the Jirásek Square and the memories of the local inhabitants.

9.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Jirásek Square and Monastery Garden

9.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Jirásek Square and Monastery Garden

Further information on:
» Víkend otevřených zahrad
» Nadace proměny
» Jiráskovo náměstí
» Pěstuj prostor


organized by Pěstuj prostor association

21. 7. – 22. 7. / fr 5 p.m., sa 3 p.m.

City swimming pool

The 4th year of the traditional big summer event packed with concerts, theatre and workshops for children and grown-ups. The swimming pool days celebrate the long-term improvement of this historical site with the help of local and foreign volunteers. As a part of the program there is the opening of the exhibition about the history of Pilsen swimming pools, prepared in cooperation with the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen and installed in the Swimming pool pavilion by H3T architects.

» Městská plovárna


organized by Pěstuj prostor

29. 7. od 3 p.m.

Papírenský Park, a new access from Habrová Street

A neighbouring event celebrating the opening of the previously inaccessible part of the public park, where many locals and international volunteers participate in the Pěstuj proctor association. Let us discover the hidden charm of the historic garden created for the paper mill and enjoy a diverse program for both children and adults.

» Pěstuj prostor


organized by ArtProm s.r.o.

14. 8. – 19. 8.

Bedřich Smetana Street

Within the traditional multi-genre event called Živá ulice, Landscape festival Plzeň 2017 will host an open-air dancing series - Dancing Street. Accompanied by live music there will be a set of dance workshops that will experiment with the atmosphere and life of a pedestrian street right in the street of the historic centre – in a very popular “Smetanka” street. Dance masters from The Afresh Dance Community in Pilsen will try to dance up and down the whole street...


organized by the Proměny Foundation

9. 9.

Jirásek Square

Within various sports and games the event is linking various groups of inhabitants and visitors to the Pilsen district of Slovany. The aim is also to draw attention to the planned reconstruction of the Jirásek Square and the Monastery Gardens by organizing a public discussion on the winning architectural design.

Accompanying program:
• an outside exhibition mapping the history of Jirásek Square and the memories of the local people

• Children's workshop

Further information on:
» Nadace proměny
» Jiráskovo náměstí
» Pěstuj prostor


organized by the Pěstuj prostor association

12. 9. – 16. 9.

Planning workshop March 24–26

Realization workshop September 12–16

An architecture and art festival, during which teams of architects, artists and local volunteers will realize 6 unprecedented stimuli for the improvement and enrichment of public space that have been sent by citizens since 2012 to the open call for Pěstuj prostor association.

The implementation of the festival (September 12–16) will accompanied by thematic activities for the general public and will be followed by a series of community events celebrating the transformation of individual places.