About the project

Presenting of the project:

  • place of the event: Opava
  • estimated duration: 5/2016 – 9/2016
  • focus: architecture, landscape architecture, urbanisms, public space, art and design in public space and landscape
  • organizers: Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, city of Opava
  • project guarantors: Dan Merta, Kurt Gebauer, Vladimír Sitta
  • auspices: city of Opava
  • target group of visitors: professional and laic public


The main content and objectives of the festival

  • to raise awareness among professionals and the laic public about the meaning and scope of the field of landscape architecture
  • to carry on in the historical tradition of landscape architecture at Opava region
  • to draw the attention of the public in Opava and raise their interest in the cultivation of public space
  • to present in the form of exhibitions various illustrative examples of Czech and international landscape architecture
  • to intervene in the form of happenings and interventions in urban space and thus to the life of the city itself
  • to perform landscape projects of a lasting impact within the festival
  • to impose specific locations of Opava as themes of studio work by students of technical universities
  • to support the natural cooperation of institutions and associations engaged in similar activities