The project is organised by the Jaroslav Franger Gallery that is a rare example of Czech galleries focused on contemporary architecture and history of urbanism. Young studios from abroad frequently exhibit there (BIG, Querkraft, FOA, Jürgen H.Mayer, Riedijk Neutelings, MVRDV, Mitchell Joachim, René van Zuuk, Bartlett School etc.). Each year a progressive Czech studio is presented here (Projektil, Kamil Mrva, Aulík Fišer architekti, DAM, Zdeněk Fránek, NEW WORK etc.) or an eminent personality of Czech architecture (Věra a Vladimír Machoninovi, Miroslav Baše, Martin Rajniš, Emil Králíček, Martin Roubík etc.). The Jaroslav Franger Gallery also opens authorial thematic exhibitions of Czech architecture (cubism, economic architecture, post-communistic Prague, young generation, social inclusion in European architecture). In recent years there are also examples of Czech creation abroad to be found (Europe, Japan, USA).


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