Landscape as a Common Background IFLA Europe Exhibition Project 2018

  20/6 – 30/9

  Komenského náměstí

Landscape as such is of many definitions. Yet, in all of them it is an element of a greater whole. It is its continuity that forms the operational basis of the widely
understood landscape. This continuity facilitates transmission, continuation and exchange which then, in turn, become the basis of its existence and the ability to
regain its strength. One of the tasks for contemporary landscape architecture is eliminating barriers that have accumulated alongside the development of civilization. The IFLA Europe exhibition has managed to put together all types of interventions that overcame the barriers. It demonstrates reconstruction of water structures, restoration of green connections, and streamlining pedestrian and cycling routes. These interventions take on an attractive architectural and landscape form whose beauty stems from its functional and ecological wisdom. The exhibition presents landscape architecture projects from 24 member countries.

Urszula Forczek-Brataniec
IFLA Europe Secretary General and initiator of the exhibition


  20/6 – 30/9

  Festival route


  30/6- 30/9

  Radniční kavárna


  30/6 – 30/9

  Pass It On! pavilion atop Vítkov