ART FOR THE CITY Debate on public space art featuring m³ and the Landscape Festival

  22/9 15.00


TANEC PRAHA / Second Breath dancing performance

  27. and 28. 9. from 16 p.m.


For more information follow: TANEC PRAHA – Second Breath

2nd stage of the Lungs of Žižkov project

27 and 28 September always from 16:00 at PONEC (Husitská 899/24A, Prague 3)

Art – country – public space. Each, even the inhospitable corner, has its own identity. Žižkov is not considered an attractive district, yet it has a unique genius loci, which many artists have remarked on. It has great potential to become a creative district, and this is the idea that has led to the cooperation between the Landscape Festival and TANEC PRAHA.

Lungs of Žižkov – Second Breath follows up on an artistic experiment that took place in June, and in the last long weekend of September will present a rich program of artists from various genres, from dance to new circus, movement theatre to live music. Site-specific performances will take place between inventive installations on a three-kilometre route following in the footsteps of the Landscape Festival through urban green spaces. Let's help Žižkov take a second breath!

OPENING OF THE NNŽ PAVILION Ceremonial opening of the pavilion at Praha-Žižkov freight railway station

  End of September



  2nd half of September


GREEN ROOFS – VISIONS OF THE FUTURE International conference



Find more information and reservation link here:

Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 1
GUIDED TOUR Around Žižkov with Josef Vomáčka Around Žižkov with Josef Vomáčka

  14/7 18.00

  Meeting: tram station STRÁŽNÍ (1, 9, 11)

Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 1Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 2Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 3Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 4Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 5Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 6Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 7Landscape festival - Accompanying programme - 8
GUIDED TOUR Through the festival installations with artists and curators

  8/7 18.00

  Meeting: ZŠIBENICEŽELEZNICE installation

Vernisage Photosyntetic landscape

  9/7, 18h


Exhibition 09/07/20 - 31/08/20
Vernissage 09/07/20 18.00 - 22.00

Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze - Studio Architecture III is presenting symbiotic architectural instalation connecting nature, technology and environment. Join us for the third iteration of First Thursday Žizkov, Prague at NEVAN CONTEMPO gallery!
To learn more, please visit:

The technologicalization of nature is a phenomenon closely connected with the present time and, in addition to the increased efficiency of plant production, it is also negatively associated with the loss of the "natural" at the expense of the "technological". What happens if these elements are interconnected?

One of the ambitions of the Photosynthetic Landscape project is to present the use of microalgae as photosynthetic organisms in the context of the loss of greenery in the urban environment, its impact on the reduced quality of public space. The courtyard of the Nevan Contempo Gallery in close proximity to the traditional flora of the Paradise Garden Park and Rieger Gardens is in contrast to the technological greenery of the prototype Photosynthetic Landscape - a modular, organic system that pushes the boundaries of thinking about nature and technology in the context of environmentally oriented spatial installation.

The prototype is part of the research of the PhD. candidate MgA. Veronika Miškovičová and her team Anna Östlund, Vojtěch Kordovský and Adam Varga led by prof. ak. arch. Imrich Vaško and assistant MgA. Shota Tsikoliya, Ph.D., M.Sc. within the Studio of Architecture III at UMPRUM Prague.

Partners of the project: Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze, Landscape Festival, NEVAN CONTEMPO, Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR Třeboň - Centrum Algatech, ITB Development, Architekti Šebo Lichý


  30/6 18.00

  Play! (Nahraj!) pavilion, Vítkov

THE ARCHITECTURE OF LOWER ŽIŽKOV Debate featuring David Vávra and Ivan Vavřík

  25/6 18.00


THE LUNGS OF ŽIŽKOV TANEC PRAHA festival performance

  20 – 21/6


More information about programme can be found here

UŽ JSME DOMA + DUNAJ Launch concert

  19/6 18.00


The opening of  Landscape Festival 2020 will take place in Beergarden in Žižkov, the bands UŽ JSME DOMA and DUNAJ will perform! Free entry!