For six years the Landscape Festival has been the largest platform for the presentation of landscape architecture and public urban space in the Czech Republic. It brings a variety of incentives and inspirations to specific locations in the venues of the festival and its aim is above all to increase interest in the quality of the environment, awareness of the possibilities of change, involvement of landscape architecture in the city’s organism, stimulation of debates between city residents, experts and local administrations.

The Landscape Festival is an educational and interdisciplinary dialogue not only of Czech experts but also of international ones. It presents inspirational exhibitions with quality examples of realizations from Czech and foreign environment, organizes lectures or workshops. Leading artists and art school students revive neglected or problematic sites with artistic and landscaping installations and architectural interventions and search for sites that have great potential.


Landscape Festival in 2014 a 2015 took place at the Žižkov Freight Railway Station in Prague, in 2016 the city of Opava and in 2017 in the city of Plzeň. The year of 2018 is being planned back to Prague again in the locations of the hill of Vítkov, the Rohanský island and the Štvanice island.


The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery is located in the historic centre of Prague and is one of the few galleries in the Czech Republic devoted solely to the presentation of architecture. There is already more than half a century tradition, and since 2006 it has been operated by the Architectura association. Authors from the Czech Republic, Europe and the world, especially progressive studios of middle and upcoming generation exhibit here regularly. The gallery has a long-term cooperation with a number of European architectural art galleries, centres and educational institutions. It cooperates closely with artistic and technical universities, organizes international conferences, field trips, spreads publications, organizes and experts´ lectures and master classes. It also realises presenting of Czech works abroad and has organized several major exhibitions of contemporary Czech architectural design. Solo exhibitions are devoted to current issues, renowned personalities and history of the 20th century. In recent years the gallery has also presented the subject of public space, sustainable architecture and the conversion of industrial heritage in the form of solo exhibitions and festivals.